On the PSNation Forums a post from our friend Lisa Woods sparked a lot of controversy and dare I say it, outrage!
Here is the post..
Why do u review games on PS Nation that u havent finished. Completely defeats the purpose. Glenn Percival im talking to u and your review of Quantum Conundrum. Half Way through a game (The tutorial and the easy early levels) How can u review a product without experiencing its full and true merit.

Take longer Review less but review the full game.
 ยท Yesterday at 3:37pm
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A lot of game reviewers only have a certain amount of time to play a game and sometimes cannot afford the luxury of Joshing* a game. It's harder if the reviewer isn't getting paid to it as they normally have even less time to do it.

Then there is the question of the reviewer even liking the game genre or console it's on. Most won't admit to it as they fell it could damage their integrity.

Then comes the big elephant in the room.. the score. Should a review (like Lisa mentions) be called a review if it hasn't been completed and therefore be allowed a score? Should a game even get a score as it boils it down to a number (or letter) based on certain factors from graphics to gameplay?
If a game only costs a budget price, is it easier to forgive more of it's shortcomings?

Anyway, I digress. So when it it acceptable to call the article a review (with score) or just leave it as an impression. Short answer is, as long as the website & reviewer sticks to some constant honest guide lines and inform their readers when they haven't completed the game, or only played it on easy for example, then they can call it a review if they need to. Yes, that was the short answer to a complicated question.

All I say now is, enjoy the games. This is ChazzH69, signing out.

*Playing 100% of the game & exploring every part of it.


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